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General Data Protection Regulation

In order to comply with the new data protection laws which give EU citizens the right to know what information of theirs is held by organisations within the EU, and to give them the option to have it deleted, below is the details that I keep to assist me in the running of my business.

Records are stored on a computer contact management system, which include clients' contact details (name, address, phone numbers, email address, etc.). Also notes of miscellaneous information such as directions to hard-to-find properties. Attached to each client's record is information about their piano (make/model and serial number), together with any notes I deem relevant, such as age, condition, the possibility of any repairs that may need doing in the foreseeable future, and other miscellaneous information such as the required frequency of tuning and when the next tuning is due.

Appointments are made on a computerised calendar (within said contact management system) which includes the agreed time of the appointment and brief details of the job.

A third-party appointment reminder system is used to send clients reminder by text and/or email a few days prior to the appointment.

No details are ever passed onto any third party without the client's consent. The only exception is that I use an automated email tuning reminder system via the website of the Pianoforté Tuners' Association which sends an email to the client's registered email address to remind them that their piano is due for re-tuning. An unsubscribe link is included, should the client not wish to receive this reminder in the future.

Should anyone wish any of their data to be deleted, I am more than happy to do this; however, please be aware this may affect the level of service that I am able to provide.

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